Kerri Landry

Kerri helps you to awaken & embody your inner wisdom + deeper purpose

Client Reviews

"I'm so happy that I chose to work with Kerri! She shared so much with me, including practical techniques for connecting to my body and my intuition, scientific information, and her own personal experiences.

She's intelligent, authentic and very encouraging. What she offers is a unique combination of a wide variety of disciplines and modalities, so it's hard to summarize, but I always walked away from each and every coaching session feeling more grounded, more focussed and more joyful. 

I feel supported by Kerri and I feel empowered by the tools she's shared with me."


“Caring. Devoted. Responsive and Intuitive. Kerri has the knowledge and skills to help individuals navigate and grow positively with their lives. Kerri helped me clarify my thoughts and transition my life into a more positive manner. She helped me see things in a different fashion and dig deep into my thoughts by breaking down my emotional side and helping me to connect to my intuition. Her techniques that we utilized during our sessions have made it easier to connect to my spiritual side and feel a general sense of ease and happiness. I Would highly recommend Kerri and her coaching techniques! Her follow-through is remarkable, as is her steadfast positive attitude. I would definitely work with her again!”