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How to reconnect to your true, essential Self

Your body is precious. It is your vehicle to awakening. -Gautama Buddha

About Me

Hi, I'm Kerri


I am a multi-passionate artist and musician, with a deep connection to the healing arts & nature. I am a Martha Beck trained Life Coach and Energy Codes Certified Facilitator. My background also includes the study of biology, psychology, & ecosystem restoration. I consider myself a "scientuitive," meaning I apply an evidence-based approach and am always guided by my intuition.

 I help people to identify and release energetic blocks (mental, emotional, toxic stress, etc.) that have been keeping them stuck in survival mode - overwhelm, analysis-paralysis, perfectionism, playing small, and the list goes on... 

I guide my clients to reconnect to their authentic selves, and tune in to and embody their inner wisdom/intuition, source of creativity, personal power, and deeper purpose. I also assist them  with cultivating more resilience, calm, self-trust and presence in their lives... by creating personalized coaching packages that involve the use of cutting edge neuro-sensory exercises, the revolutionary mind-body-spirit process called The Energy Codes based on the work of Dr. Sue Morter, guided visualizations, Energy Medicine techniques & practices, sacred play (movement/dance, non-goal oriented art, free writing, music/sound), and somatic ecology (embodied practices in nature), among others... all of this is wrapped up in the spirit of fun, play and inner exploration.

The ways I can support you


I work primarily over Zoom (video) so you can be anywhere in the world!

I create personalized coaching packages to best support you. To find out more about the personalized coaching sessions & packages I offer, check out my Offerings section or schedule your FREE Discovery Call here:

I also facilitate workshops on the highly practical and revolutionary mind-body-spirit process, The Energy Codes based on the work of Quantum Visionary, Dr. Sue Morter. This process, rooted in cutting-edge science & ancient wisdom, serves to unify mind, body & spirit to fully awaken the essential self and your highest potential for overall well-being, vitality, clarity, creativity and fulfillment.

If you would like to book me for a workshop please email me at: kerrilandrycoaching (at) 

Are you ready?

image10 shift out of survival mode and into a state of calm, clarity and trust in which you live as your authentic self, embody your inner wisdom & creativity, and sense your wholeness, deeper purpose, well-being and vitality? It's not only possible, it's the way you're intended to live!

My clients include, but are not limited to empaths, multi-passionates, artists, change-agents, heart-centred entrepreneurs, creative-types, visionaries, healers, and those who simply want to live from their Truth as their authentic selves. The common threads are that they may feel overwhelmed, bogged down by stress, over-worry and feel blocked and/or are hiding/playing small and/or feel stuck in conformity and/or a programming that doesn’t serve them but want to live more inspired, purposeful, flowing and joyous lives aligned with their true nature, inner wisdom and unique gifts.

I believe that you are the only expert in your own life and that my role is to help you to uncover and listen to YOUR Truth through reconnecting Mind-Body-Spirit. 

I also believe that we all have unique talents and gifts -  a.k.a. authentic medicine - and that our real job in life is to learn to reclaim and embody this, because when we do, we heal ourselves, which has a ripple effect into the lives of those around us and into the world at large (It's a scientific fact!). We are all unique, powerful creators and holders of a piece of the equation for healing the planet.

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